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Mindfully Nourished is a group coaching experience to help you shed the dieter's mindset, reframe negative self talk, and move into an intuitive eating lifestyle.

All course materials, including coaching videos and PDF worksheets will be housed on our membership site.

Each week, we'll focus on a uniquely  vital aspect of intuitive eating, exploring ways to:

  • Develop a habit MINDFULNESS at each meal 
  • Strengthen your sense of self-care
  • Identify the foods that exhilarate your mind, body and soul and learn to choose them first. 

In addition to your coaching videos  this session of Mindfully Nourished will also feature regular Facebook pop-ins from Elisha and Aidy to supplement the weekly topics. These meetups are a great time to ask questions and reflect on real-life application of the principles taught during the course. All Facebook LIVE videos remain in the group to be watched at any time.  

One shining feature of this 3-week program is the MINDFULLY NOURISHED Facebook group, exclusively for members of the program.  The group will house video pop-ins, recipes, stories, and group member participation.  This is your space to share and grow!

A new approach to meal planning... for the intuitive eater! This eating guide encourages participants to explore their own inclinations in the kitchen.  We provide delicious recipes that fall within nutrient-based standards, while leaving room for you to choose your own ingredients so you can relish each and every bite of this experience!  


Hey! I'm Aidy Acres Rogers, a wild creative & passionate heart with a lot of "names" for all of my passions & purposes. (Bethany Stec is my birth name, Mrs. Love Chard in whole food plant-based health world)

I've transitioned and changed so much in my lifestyle journey, lost almost 100 pounds by eating a bunch of plants and looking within, and was spiritually reborn again soooooo many times, and will continue to!

I've found that growth, change, and remembering who we are is so vital to co-creating our true bliss in this lifetime. Through healing negative self-talk, I have been able to release even more toxic lifestyle habits and make room for the things that truly spark so much light for me.

My mindset coaching support + nutrition mentorship is infused with holistic energy, universal love for all, and sacred self-love and devotion. I'm so excited so share this all with you in this program!

xoxo, Aidy


Hello my friends!!

Many of you already know me as the founder of the Eat to Live Support Group and Eat to Live Daily, a combined population of more than 100K plant-based people!  In the last several years, I've been able to help thousands of people transition successfully to a plant-based diet and gain a new-found relationship with food. I LOVE working with groups through Facebook and this opportunity to connect on such a raw and intimate level is so exciting to me!   See you there!




If $99 isn't in your budget right now, we get it. We've set up a "give back" option to help those who are struggling during this time. Simply choose a price that works for you.

This course is now closed!

We'd be happy to contact you next time registration is open. Please leave your details for us below:


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