Holly's Week 3

Uncategorized Dec 02, 2019

Week 3 update Thanksgiving week!!!!!!!!!!

Y’all…. There were a million people at my house with tons and tons of food…and I didn’t take a single picture. That was a fail, but the food was great. We celebrated on Friday this year. Our kids were out of school all week and we took time to hang out, grocery shop and prepare for the big day.


Here is a list of nutritarian dishes that we prepared:

Green beans with pecans and balsamic drizzle

Collard greens

Creamed kale and mushrooms

Elisha’s sweet potato casserole

Mushroom gravy

Golden gravy

Roasted veggies

Squash au gratin


Life affirming warm nacho dip (Oh She Glows)

Toasted pecans Black eyed peas with peanut sauce

We also made: Dressing Corn casserole Rolls Mashed potatoes

Our friends and family brought more food and desserts. Looking back through the list, I can see that I ate more than I normally would on a regular day, but not nearly as much as many thanksgivings in my life.

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Holly's Week 2

Uncategorized Nov 23, 2019

The Plan:

For week 2, we focused on eating at home as much as possible. I made a pot of beans that was used in soup, Buddha bowls, salads and bean burgers. I like to have my daily salad at lunch. We have been strategically planning our meals, and not snacking.

Doctor Visit

Adam had his regular check in with our doctor for blood work. For the first time in his life, she had nothing bad to say! His cholesterol was way down (156!!!) and all of his numbers were amazing. She has been trying to encourage him to eat fish for years. She said that he could not get enough protein with this way of eating, but these last 2 weeks say otherwise. She made his next appointment for 1 year rather than his usual 3 month check in.


Week 2 was easier. I have worked out more frequently and we both have noticed an increase in our energy. Adam has lost 7 lbs and I have lost 4.2lbs. We are planning ahead for Thanksgiving and looking forward to next week!

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Holly's Week 1

Uncategorized Nov 19, 2019

Holly's Eat to Live 6-week Challenge 

Week 1 check-in

Ready to start a 6-week Challenge with me? Click here  

Week 1: Check!

We finished our first week and I am so proud of us!!! We navigated a busy week and stayed on course. We both had working lunches, after work meetings and my husband had a work trip. I had a recent college student come to my house to learn how to cook some Thanksgiving dishes to share with his family. I don’t really enjoy following a specific meal plan. I love the idea of it, but I am a little too contrary to eat what I am supposed to on a specific day and time. I love the meal plans available on Plantlee because I can customize the meals to what we like and enjoy. I planned for us to have dinner a little earlier than usual and pushed breakfast/lunch until 11:30 am.

My Focus 

This week I focused on eating a large salad for lunch with black beans, cucumbers, carrots, broccoli, red cabbage, blueberries and a balsamic walnut...

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Meet Holly!


My name is Holly. I have been plant based for 7 years. I was a junk food vegetarian in college and then went back to a SAD diet and ate that for years. The month I turned 40, my husband and I decided to watch Forks Over Knives and give healthy eating a chance. He lost 50 lbs and I lost 20 lbs without much thought. It was awesome.


We have kept that weight off for the most part for years, and have seen good numbers at the doctor. I have been reading Dr. Fuhrman’s books for the last few years and have made a few half hearted attempts at being nutritarian.


I would start a 6-week plan and then fall into a bag of tortilla chips. I do not eat any animal products, but still eat some processed food. I decided to do a 6 week challenge and my husband wanted to join me. Follow us as we change our habits and become lifelong nutritarians.

Want to join me on this plant-based journey? This is a link to the 6-week Plantlee Jumpstart and these are the tools I'm using:  ...

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Nutritarian Peanut Butter Cookie Dough

recipes Sep 01, 2019


1 can Cooked garbanzo beans
1/2 cup peanut butter or your favorite nut butter
4 tablespoons ground flaxseed
4 Dates (if dates are not soften, they may be softened by microwaving them for 1 minute with 1/3 cup water)


1. If you're warming dates in microwave, start with that and then drain and reserve the water

2. Into a food processor, place dates, drained garbanzo beans, peanut butter, and flax.

3. Blend until thick and well assimilated. Thick mixture should be thick like cookie dough but you'll need a food processor or vitamix to get this consistency. If you just have a blender, you may need to add a little of the reserved date water in order to blend into a smooth mixture.

In that case, your mixture might be a little more like a mousse than a dough, but it will nonetheless be delicious!!!


Oh my heavens.  This peanut butter cookie dough hummus is a game changer!!!  So delicious.  So so delicious.  And not even a cheat....

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Dr. Greger Interview - NutritionFacts.org

Uncategorized Sep 01, 2019

Dr. Greger gets real with us about the flu shot, cancer treatments, thyroid disfunction, plant based fats, fatty liver disease, and more! Click here for nutritionfacts.org for all of the latest and greatest plant-based research.



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Sandra’s Incredible Eat to Live Weight Loss

nutritarian weight loss Sep 01, 2019

“Although I didn’t have as many documented problems as others might have, before I became a Nutritarian  I wasmiserable with many physical discomforts and fears about my health and my future.  I always took an airplane seatbelt extender with me on flights… “just in case”.  I had trouble sleeping at night because the fat rolls on my neck kept touching each other, making me very uncomfortable.  I had borderline high blood pressure, and scary high cholesterol.  Unexplained heart palpitations, and I was borderline anemic, even though I was a meat-eater.  I also sweated like a line-backer, even in a cool room.  Very embarrassing.

But the “turn-around” moment for me was when I had a realization one day that I had probably become diabetic, like my father and brother.  That was the day that I began researching what I needed to do, in order to effectively turn my health and life around.  Losing...

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Dr. Fuhrman Interview - Founder and Author of Eat To Live

Uncategorized Sep 01, 2019

Dr Fuhrman - Founder and Author of Eat To Live, discusses why a nutrient dense diet is so critical. 

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6 Rules for Eating Nutritarian When You’re Busy

food prep nutritarian Sep 01, 2019

6 Rules for Eating Nutritarian When You’re Busy

By Kim Murphy from Nutritarian Life

One of the most common complaints I get about eating to live or going plant-based is this: I’m too busy to cook. And I totally understand this. It’s why I tried and failed my first go around with Eating to Live. I was a busy mom working outside the home, 60-80 hours a week and I just couldn’t keep up. Actually I couldn’t keep up with what I thought I was “supposed” to be doing. I felt like there was some sort of perfect ideal I was supposed to achieve to be doing it good enough. And I hadn’t yet figured out batch cooking, quick and easy recipes, and safe store bought foods. So after 3 months of first going plant-based, I had achieved many goals – I lost weight, felt great, had more energy, and my skin glowed. But I wasn’t able to keep up with all the cooking I thought I had to do constantly so I slowly fell off the wagon.

I fell...

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PODCAST – Watch Me Eat To Series - Dr. Angie Sadeghi MD

podcast Aug 31, 2019


Episode 30 Watch Me Eat to Live with Dr Angie Sadeghi -Download 

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